DTS – 028 – Rain – Nikolai Sliwerski – Out Now

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Rain is simply a masterpiece of techno darkness. The gothic pads and cold melodies contrast with the melancholy warmth and atmosphere of introspection. Slow and steady the acid bubbles to the surface recalling mis-spent nights and mornings on the warehouse floors of youth. Abstract percussive weirdness grates and slides. Bleep techno and late 80’s acid house are revisited and deconstructed on this timeless slice of purgatory. Shane Berry takes the powerful druid chill of the synth and creates a more minimal leaning churner for the deep room. It’s past, it’s future and it’s elsewhere as well. It’s Dirty Works in the rain… circuit-bending your umbrella.

DTS-027- As of Now – Shane Berry – Out Now

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Showing his versatility as a true creator, Shane presents a tech-house masterpiece with progressive over-tones destined for big club play and big name support. A beautiful bell melody drives the straight ahead house groove until a growling monster of a bassline creeps up from out of the abyss and leads the crowd into deeper, darker territory that is truly not of this world. This is the kind of music that crosses several genre lines with its stylized production equally at home in the boxes of both minimal, progressive, tech-house and straight ahead techno jocks. No borders dance music, welcome to Dirty Works.

DTS-026 – Ghetto Ballet – Rennie Foster – Out Now

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Here comes Tokyo’s most prolific with a manic, cut n’ paste style mash up of mind bending build ups and crazy vocal samples. Welcome to the Ghetto Ballet as distorted synths wail over the top of ever-morphing tribal beats. The changes twist and turn to seemingly no end and the result is a wild ride to the very edge of what is and isn’t house music. Snapshot UK’s frontman, Elliot Dodge uses the vocal samples and little else from the original to present a completely different version rooted in classic, pad-heavy Detroit techno and an altogether more sensible slice of lush beauty it is! Madness and clarity in one neat package, must be another smart Dirty Works release.

DTS-025 – Black Out – Caine N Anians – Out Now

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One of the standout tracks on the well received Dirty Works compilation “Juno Exclusive Sampler” gets a proper release. Simple and effective keys build over a slamming, kick driven storm-front until the it breaks down to silence and the manic vocals command the floor to “freak out” and the “black out” commences. When the stripped down Detroit groove finally shows itself the effect on the floor is stunning. American techno soldier, Roman Zawodny brings the track into a funkier techno realm with tribal elements and a progressive style breakdown. Both versions are big-room killers. Dirty Works delivers!

DTS-024 – Amerillo – Shane Berry – Out Today

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DTS-024 Amerillo: Shane Berry:  August 19, 2009

Following the theme of Corrugated Tunnel’s “Broken Keys”, Shane heaps on the emotional lead synth lines, but this time in an altogether more mysterious and alien fashion. Known for his brilliant, cerebral tracks on the German Trapez imprint, Mr. Berry rarely gives the listener/dancer a moment to breath as he builds the intensity with truly original breaks and edits combined with sharp, minimal beats and rolling bass. Both tracks on offer are extremely DJ friendly with new school and old school minimalism cleverly combined in the unique style that is making Dirty Works such a stand-out imprint.

DTS-023 – Broken Keys – Corrugated Tunnel – Out Today

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DTS-023 Broken Keys: Corrugated Tunnel: August 12, 2009

Edwin James aka Corrugated Tunnel, the man behind the deep house gem “One Night in Barcelona” shows why he is in hot demand by labels such as Systematic, Planet E and Urban Torque with two tracks of emotive and stylish modern techno. The pulse of bass throbs as lush key-lines build over the top of each other to form audio sculptures of unspeakable beauty. Poetic and hopeful, unique and multi-dimensional, these tracks really set the scene on the floor. A welcome new addition to the Dirty Works roster of poetic deviants.

DTS-022 – Defender – Rennie Foster – Out Today

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DTS-022 Defender: Rennie Foster: August 05, 2009

Hot on the heels of Rennie’s massive success with “Devil’s Water” comes another edgy dancefloor ripper. The original version of “Defender” sports housed up minimal percussion with Detroit style chords and an uplifting vocal sample to “hands in the air” effect. The second version “Repeat Offender” takes the same chord riff to it’s pure techno conclusion with radip fire hi-hats and a repetitive dj tool type arrangement. Tackling everything from lush deep house to jacking, hard-edge tech-funk in the span of only two tracks, Dirty Works breaks down the walls every time.

“Get yourself acquainted with Mr.Foster quick-smart” – DJ MAGAZINE, UK.